AIDS causes

Many people believe HIV is one of the main AIDS causes. Many researchers have proven this to be false. We were told that the HIV virus caused this deadly disease but their is no scientific proof of this claim. HIV is related to AIDS only by damaging the immune system. Earvin "Magic" Johnson, a former basketball player, contracted HIV in 1991 and he has no symptoms of AIDS. Some people with AIDS causes do not have an HIV infection. What causes AIDS? There are only three causes that are associated with Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).

Main AIDS causes:

1. Sexual Transmitted Infections

Unprotected sex with an AIDS recipient is the most common way someone can get this uncurable disease. The secretions of infected fluid from oral, rectal or genital areas will cause the virus to spread throughout the body. A misconception about AIDS causes is could someone contract AIDS from receiving oral sex? No, you are not safe. This disease can still infect you. AIDS causes will infect homosexual and heterosexual couples. Many myths are associated with unprotected sex. It's very important to always use protection when you engage in sexual intercourse.

2. Blood Transfusions

AIDS causes the person who shares a dirty needle with an intravenous drug user is receptive to the AIDS virus. People can also contract AIDS if a needle used for tattoos is not properly cleaned. The only ways to prevent this is not engaging in the activity and making sure the needles are sterile.

3. Prenatal Transmission

The mother transfers the virus to her child during the final weeks of her pregnancy and during childbirth. If this transmission is mistreated, there is a 25% chance the child will have AIDS causes. If the mother receives antiretroviral therapy the child is no longer at risk.